FACT CHECK: Has Trump Never Issued A Presidential Veto?

Aryssa Damron | Fact Check Reporter

Fox News’ Chris Wallace claimed Sunday that if President Donald Trump issued a veto on congressional attempts to block his national emergency declaration it would be the first veto of his administration.

Verdict: True

Trump has not vetoed any pieces of legislation since becoming president in January 2017.

Fact Check:

Wallace was joined by White House policy advisor Stephen Miller on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border.

“If both the House and the Senate approve a resolution of disapproval, which they’re allowed to – it’s specifically called for in the National Emergencies Act … If they pass a resolution of disapproval, will the president veto that, which would be the first veto of his presidency?” Wallace asked.

“He’s going to protect his national emergency declaration guaranteed. But the fact that they’re even talking about a resolution of disapproval show you this is a statutory issue and a statutory delegation that Congress made,” Miller replied.

Many Democrats in Congress have come out against the national emergency declaration and indicated that they are considering measures to block it, including legislation. However, the president has the right to veto any bill or joint resolution that comes to his desk. Congress could then override his veto with a two-thirds majority in both chambers.

A total of 2,574 vetoes have been issued by U.S. presidents, according to Senate records, and 111 of them have been overridden by Congress. President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued 635 vetoes during his time in office – the most of any president.

Both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush issued 12 vetoes each during their tenures as president. One of Obama’s and four of Bush’s vetoes were overridden by Congress. Trump has not issued any vetoes during his two years in office.

He briefly considered a veto for an omnibus spending bill in March 2018, but ultimately signed the bill into law without an immigration deal.

Sixteen states have filed suit to challenge Trump’s national emergency declaration in court.

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Aryssa Damron

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