FACT CHECK: Did Condoleezza Rice Pose For A Photo With Osama Bin Laden?

Joseph Lafave | Contributor

An image posted to Facebook Tuesday shows former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice allegedly posing for a photo with then-Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

“That’s right! Let that sink in,” reads the post.

Verdict: False

The image is fake and was created as part of a Photoshop contest held by the website FreakingNews.com in 2007.

Fact Check:

Rice played a prominent role in the administration of President George W. Bush, serving first as national security advisor and then secretary of state. She was the first black woman to hold each of these roles.

The photo, which shows Rice smiling with bin Laden in front of an American flag, appears to have been created in 2007 for an April Fools’ Day Photoshop contest held by the website FreakingNews.com. The site regularly hosts contests revolving around politics and current events.

In the years since, blogs have continued to circulate the photo, sometimes citing Freaking News or identifying it as an April Fools’ joke.

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Joseph Lafave