FACT CHECK: Viral Meme Supposedly Shows An ISIS Rally In Michigan

Aryssa Damron | Fact Check Reporter

The Facebook page Political Correctness, NOT shared an image claiming to show ISIS flags being waved in Dearborn, Michigan.

“This is not the middle east, it’s Dearborn Michigan. Are you paying attention yet?” the image was captioned.

Verdict: False

There has never been a pro-ISIS rally in Dearborn, according to the city’s public information office, and no news outlets have reported ISIS flags being flown. An anti-ISIS rally did occur around the same time the post first went viral.

Fact Check:

Michigan, home to one of two Muslim women currently serving in Congress, has been the target of multiple memes that suggest the state’s population is becoming increasingly hostile to Americans. (RELATED: ‘Down with USA’ – Meme Purportedly Shows Anti-American Protestors In Michigan)

This image appears to show a gathering of people marching in the street, waving black flags. However, there’s no evidence that any of these flags, shown in the background of a grainy picture, bore an ISIS insignia.

“There was NEVER a pro-Isis rally in Dearborn,” Mary Loundrouche, the director of Dearborn’s Department of Public Information, told The Daily Caller in an email.

In December 2015, around the same time the image first began appearing on social media, the Muslim community did participate in an anti-ISIS rally. That rally took place days after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

The Caller found no local reporting about pro-ISIS protests in Dearborn. Rather, all relevant coverage has focused on fact-checking the image at the center of this claim.

Pictures and video from the 2015 rally do not show demonstrators waving ISIS flags. “Hundreds of people in Dearborn come together to take stand against ISIS & terrorism,” WXYZ Detroit tweeted at the time.

During another rally against ISIS days earlier, in November 2015, one participant told the crowd, “If you want to know about ISIS, they have no god, no faith, no morality – they are savages.”

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Aryssa Damron

Fact Check Reporter


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