FACT CHECK: Did Hillary Clinton Say, ‘The Primary Role Of The State Is To Teach, Train, And Raise Children’?

Aislinn Murphy | Assistant Managing Editor

An image shared on Facebook claims that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in her 1996 book, “I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children. Parents have a secondary role.”

Verdict: False

The Daily Caller found no record of the statement in “It Takes a Village” or any of her other books.

Fact Check:

The image, shared on Aug. 20, is a screen grab of actor James Wood’s 2016 tweet. “Read that. Twice,” says the caption.

Clinton, a former presidential candidate, does discuss the role that society plays in the development of children in her 1996 book “It Takes a Village,” but there is no evidence that she ever wrote or said this quote.

The statement does not appear in that book, or any of her others. An internet search reveals no credible sources linking it to her either.

The Caller actually found lines in her book where Clinton makes statements that contradict the alleged quote. In the first section, for example, Clinton wrote, “Parents bear the first and primary responsibility for their sons and daughters.”

Aislinn Murphy

Assistant Managing Editor


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