FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims Marijuana ‘Kills’ The Coronavirus

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An Instagram post with more than 40,600 likes claims marijuana “kills” the novel 2019 coronavirus.

Verdict: False

There is no known cure for the coronavirus. Nor is there a specific treatment for the viral respiratory illness.

Fact Check:

As of Feb. 12, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 45,171 confirmed cases of the novel respiratory virus, with 44,730 of those cases in China and 441 in other countries. The coronavirus, which has killed some 1,115 people, is believed to have originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The post features an alleged screen grab of a chyron from a live news broadcast, saying, “Breaking News: Weed Kills Corona Virus.” Scientists were shocked by the discovery, a ticker beneath the headline claims.

However, the Daily Caller didn’t find any media reports that scientists have discovered marijuana can cure or treat the novel coronavirus. The screen grab appears to have been made on one of the many websites that allow people to create their own breaking news chyrons. The bud photo can be found on a stock image website.

Tarik Jasarevic, a WHO spokesperson, told the Caller “there is no known cure at this point.” Nor does a specific treatment for the novel coronavirus exist, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In fact, the WHO website states taking supplements and smoking are ineffective and can even be harmful when used as remedies for coronavirus.

Chinese scientists are currently testing antiviral drugs against the new coronavirus, according to Reuters.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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