FACT CHECK: Did Mike Tyson Offer Men $10 Million To Marry His Daughter?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An article shared on Facebook claims former professional boxer Mike Tyson has offered $10 million to any man who will marry his daughter.

Verdict: False

Tyson’s publicist confirmed the story is “false.” Tyson does not have a daughter named Mitchell.

Fact Check:

Ghanaian website Adepa News published an article Feb. 25 alleging the former heavyweight boxing champion is willing to pay $10 million to any man who marries his daughter. Several photos of Tyson posing with a young woman accompany the story.

“After becoming famous, Tyson has been favored by many beautiful women, with three marriages and many children of his own. Among them, Mitchell is his eldest daughter,” the article claims. “The eldest daughter has already reached the marriageable age, and the marriage has always been the concern of Tyson. In order to find her a boyfriend, Tyson proposed 10 million dollars for her daughter’s marriage.”

But, contrary to the article, Tyson has not made such a proposal. The Daily Caller didn’t find any credible media outlets reporting Tyson offered men $10 million to marry his daughter.

His publicist, Joann Mignano, not only told the Caller in an email that the claim was “false,” but she also confirmed Tyson does not have a daughter named Mitchell.

“There is absolutely no truth to this,” Mignano said. “No daughter named Mitchell.” (RELATED: Did Muhammad Ali Say This Quote About The ‘Impossible’?)

Tyson has six biological children with three different women, according to The New York Times. Of his biological children, he has three daughters: Mikey, Rayna and Milan. A fourth daughter, Exodus, died in an accident at the age of four in 2009, per ABC News.

The photos in the article show Mikey. They can be found on her Instagram, Getty Images and Shutterstock.

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