FACT CHECK: Have 13,506 Marines Volunteered For White House Sentry Duty Since Trump’s Inauguration?

Jonathan Fonti | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims 13,506 Marines have applied for White House sentry duty since President Donald Trump’s inauguration. None volunteered for the position during the Obama administration, it also claims.

Verdict: False

White House sentries are typically assigned to the position. A Marine Corps spokesperson has said the number of volunteers is around a dozen, not in the thousands.

Fact Check:

Featured in the post is a photo of a Marine escorting First Lady Melania Trump on her husband’s inauguration day. (RELATED: Viral Image Claims 11 US Marines Died ‘This Week’)

“13,506 Marines have applied for Whitehouse (sic) duty since the inauguration of President Trump,” a block of text below that reads. “In the previous eight years, no Marines volunteered for this duty, they had to be ‘assigned.’ Speaks volumes.”

White House Marine sentries stand outside the door of the West Wing whenever the president is working, according to a 2009 video published by the White House. Four work at a time in shifts of 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off to open the door for people coming and going from the building.

“Most Marines who serve at the White House are assigned to that position based on the needs of the Marine Corps, after a lengthy and detailed screening process, not – except in rare cases – because they volunteered,” Maj. Brian Block, Marine Corps communications directorate, told The Associated Press (AP).

The number of volunteers, Block told the AP, is actually around a dozen, not thousands as the post claims.

Jonathan Fonti

Fact Check Reporter
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