FACT CHECK: Did Tara Reade Say She Was In Love With Vladimir Putin On ‘Dr. Phil’?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A Facebook post alleges former Senate staffer Tara Reade appeared on an episode of “Dr. Phil” under the name Jennifer, claiming to be in a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Verdict: False

Reade has never appeared on “Dr. Phil.” Representatives for Reade and “Dr. Phil” said the woman is not Reade.

Fact Check:

Reade has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her while she worked in his Senate office in 1993. Biden and his campaign have denied the allegation.

Social media users have since shared side-by-side photos of Reade and a woman who appeared on “Dr. Phil,” claiming they are the same person based on a supposed physical resemblance. This particular post reads, “Did some research on Tara Reade Check this out, SHE was ‘Jennifer’ on Dr. Phil in Love with Putin!! Here is the phots (sic), same earrings YEARS later!!”

However, the woman is not Reade. Douglas Wigdor, Reade’s attorney, confirmed in an email to the Daily Caller that they are different people, and a “Dr. Phil” spokesperson also told The Associated Press, “All guests are fully vetted and that is not Reade.”

Jennifer, who was only identified with her first name on the show, appeared in an episode of “Dr. Phil” last year. She claimed to be in a romantic relationship with Putin despite never having met him. (RELATED: Does This Photo Show Joe Biden Posing With Tara Reade?)

“My mother thinks she is in a relationship with Vladimir Putin to the extent that she has become homeless, living in and out of motels,” the woman’s daughter said during the episode. “My mother says Putin is going to make her the queen of Russia to help run his country.”

Social media posts have included clips from the “Dr. Phil” episode in an attempt to reduce Reade’s credibility, according to The Associated Press.

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