FACT CHECK: Viral Post Claims Melinda Gates Divorced Bill Gates Over Plot To ‘Destroy Africa’

Trevor Schakohl | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims philanthropist Melinda Gates has divorced Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates because he “wants to destroy Africa.”

Verdict: False

Bill and Melinda Gates have not divorced. There is no record of Melinda Gates releasing the statement attributed to her in the post.

Fact Check:

Bill and Melinda Gates chair the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private charitable organization in the world, according to Forbes. The Gates Foundation has helped fund health care initiatives in Africa, including efforts to provide vaccines for Ebola and other diseases, per the foundation’s website.

A post being shared claims Melinda Gates released a statement announcing her divorce from Bill Gates, citing the latter’s supposed efforts to “destroy Africa” with vaccines. It appears to reference vaccine candidates for the new coronavirus, as well as a “fake Ebola vaccine.”

“I appeal to the prudence and to the African conscience, everything is planned to destroy Africa and it is the African leaders who are the first accomplices,” her alleged statement reads. “I decided to do this statement because my conscience brings me closer to all the harm we have done to Africans by the fake Ebola vaccine that has killed 1 million innocent children, that is why I no longer want to live with a bloodthirsty person whatever his money.”

There is, however, no record of Melinda Gates divorcing her husband, nor of her releasing the statement attributed to her in the post. The Daily Caller didn’t find any mention of their marriage ending on the websites and social media pages maintained by the couple, and media outlets haven’t reported about the alleged divorce. The statement seems to be fabricated, as it does not appear in such places either.

Bill Gates has been the subject of false claims that vaccines linked to him have caused serious harm or death to significant numbers of people in the past. There are no media reports about the Gates Foundation contributing to vaccine efforts for Ebola or any other disease that resulted in mass deaths.

In addition, the post alleges Bill Gates plans to bribe African leaders with $200 billion “to destroy the Africans,” despite Forbes estimating his net worth to be $113.2 billion at the time of publication. (RELATED: Did Bill Gates Give A Waiter A $5 Tip Because He’s The ‘Son Of A Wood Cutter’?)

In recent months, the Gates Foundation has committed over $350 million to the development of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for the coronavirus, according to CBS News.

Trevor Schakohl

Fact Check Reporter
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