FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims To Show Donald Trump Embracing Jeffrey Epstein

Aislinn Murphy | Fact Check Editor

An image shared on Facebook over 1,400 times purportedly shows President Donald Trump embracing the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in the back of a vehicle.

Verdict: False

Epstein’s head has been superimposed into the image. The original photo shows Trump with his daughter.

Fact Check:

Featured in the photo is Trump in the back of a car, appearing to embrace Epstein. Multiple Facebook users have shared the image in recent weeks as if it is genuine, with one user remarking, “The internet never forgets.” (RELATED: Did Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Pose For A Picture With A Young Ivanka?)

Epstein was found dead from what officials deemed a suicide in his jail cell in August 2019 while awaiting trial for federal sex trafficking charges, according to The New York Times. Before the allegations came to light, the financier had a rich and powerful circle of friends that included politicians and celebrities like Trump, former President Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey.

While Trump and Epstein have been photographed together, the image being shared does not show such an instance. The original picture, taken by photographer Yann Gamblin in the 90s, shows Trump kissing daughter Ivanka’s head in the back of a limousine, according to the Getty Images caption. In the doctored photo, Epstein’s head has been superimposed over hers, though some of her hair is still visible underneath.

This isn’t the first time Epstein has been photoshopped into a photo of Trump. In July 2019, the Daily Caller debunked a viral image that claimed to show Trump, his daughter and Epstein near a motorcycle.

Aislinn Murphy

Fact Check Editor
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