FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Joe Biden Waving At An Empty Field?

Dominick Porcella | Contributor

A YouTube video shared on Facebook purportedly shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden waving to an empty field while disembarking from a plane in Tampa, Florida during a campaign stop.

Verdict: False

Video of Biden’s arrival from a different angle shows he waved to a group of firefighters and other ground personnel in the distance.

Fact Check:

The video, posted on YouTube and subsequently shared on Facebook, shows Biden begin to wave after descending the stairs of a plane. At one point, a woman in the background can be heard saying, “Who’s he waving to? There’s nobody there. He thinks he’s Trump.”

Iterations of the video have also been shared widely on Twitter with the claim that it shows Biden waving at an empty field. The video appears to originate from Fox News’ “Overtime Outnumbered” coverage of Biden’s Sept. 15 campaign stop in Tampa. (RELATED: Viral Image Claims To Show Joe Biden Kneeling In Protest After Seeing An American Flag)

But, contrary to the video’s title and description on YouTube, it does not show Biden waving at an empty field. Bloomberg News political reporter Tyler Pager tweeted a video of Biden’s deplaning in Tampa from another angle. In Pager’s video, the group of firefighters and other ground personnel that Biden waves to are visible in the background.

“Joe Biden has arrived in Tampa, Florida for his first visit to the state as the Democratic nominee,” Pager tweeted. “He is hosting a roundtable with veterans here and then a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee.”

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Dominick Porcella



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