FACT CHECK: Did Miley Cyrus Inspire Amy Coney Barrett To Become A Judge After A Concert?

Bradley Devlin | General Assignment & Analysis Reporter

A post shared on Facebook over 400 times claims singer Miley Cyrus inspired Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to become a judge at a 1993 concert.

Verdict: False

The event detailed in the post never occurred.

Fact Check:

The post alleges that after a 1993 concert, Cyrus told a 9-year-old girl, purportedly Barrett, that “anything is possable (sic) as long as you belief in God” and that years later Cyrus “found out that the little girl had grown up and became a supreme court judge.” It also includes a photo of singer Justin Bieber.

“The little girl told Miley that she wanted to be famous just like her when she grows up. Miley smiled at the girl and said anything is possable (sic) as long as you beleif (sic) in God,” the post states. “The little girl said she beleifed (sic) in God and was going to be famous by making murdering babbys (sic) illegal and that she would stop Obamacares (sic) to (sic)!!!”

The timeline of the events put forward in the post does not hold up under scrutiny. Cyrus was, according to Elle Magazine, born in November 1992, meaning she would have been anywhere between 1.5 to 13 months old at the time and been incapable of performing a concert. Barrett, born in 1972, would have been in her 20s, based on biographical information from the Federal Judicial Center.

Furthermore, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was not signed into law until March 2010. In 1993, Barack Obama worked largely on voting rights cases as an associate at Chicago law firm, according the Barack Obama Presidential Library. (RELATED: Did ‘Saved By The Bell’ Actor Dustin Diamond Die In A Prison Riot?)

Barrett has not become a Supreme Court Justice at the time of publication. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance her nomination on Thursday, according to the Washington Post. The final floor vote on her confirmation is expected to occur on Monday, per NBC News.

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