FACT CHECK: Did An Arizona State Trooper Find 50,000 Ballots Cast For Donald Trump In A Dumpster?

Ethan Evers | Contributor

An image shared on Facebook over 1,100 times claims an Arizona state trooper found 50,000 ballots cast for President Donald Trump in a dumpster.

Verdict: False 

There is no evidence of 50,000 ballots cast for Trump being found in an Arizona dumpster. The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed that the claim is false.

Fact Check: 

In the week following the 2020 presidential election, allegations of voter fraud have been circulating on social media platforms. This particular Facebook post claims that in Arizona, a state trooper found 50,000 ballots cast for Trump in a dumpster “because they know they can’t win being honest and casting their votes!”

There is, however, no evidence such an incident has occurred. Had 50,000 discarded ballots been found by state police, there would likely be media coverage on it, but local news outlets such as AZ CentralThe Arizona Daily Star and The Yuma Sun have not reported about such a discovery.

Raul Garcia, a public information officer for the Arizona Department of Public Safety, confirmed to Check Your Fact in an email that the rumor is false, saying, “We are aware of the information being spread and we can tell you it is not true.” (RELATED: Image Claims To Show Ballots Cast For Donald Trump Shredded By A Poll Worker In Pensacola, Florida)

The claim may have originated from reports of 18 unopened mail-in ballots found on the side of a road in Glendale, Arizona, in late October. The ballots, which were still sealed, were returned to the registered voters by Glendale police officers and agents from the Attorney General’s office before the election, per AZ Family.

The election in the battleground state of Arizona remains too close to call, with President-elect Joe Biden holding a slight lead over Trump, The New York Times reported.

Ethan Evers