FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Two Georgia State Senators Found Counting Ballots?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims to show two Democratic Georgia state senators, Elena Parent and Jen Jordan, counting ballots for the 2020 election.

Verdict: False

The top image appears to come from a video filmed in Pennsylvania. The women pictured in that image have been misidentified and are actually county employees, according to an Allegheny County spokesperson.

Fact Check:

The Facebook post includes two images: the top one shows women near Postal Service boxes seemingly counting ballots, while the bottom image shows Parent and Jordan sitting next to each other during a Dec. 3 Georgia State Senate judiciary subcommittee hearing on alleged election fraud.

“Elena Parent who is Chairman of GA Senate Democrats & Senator Jen Jordan of GA 6th District of Fulton Co. Fulton Co received 6mil in private grants without authority of the state legislature!” the image’s caption reads. “Both counting ballots and also at the hearing, Elena cried when she found out CCTV recorded them!”

The women in the top picture, however, are not Parent and Jordan. The image appears to be a still from a video published by The Associated Press Nov. 7 with the caption, “Various poll workers counting ballots in an Allegheny County warehouse.”

Amie Downs, an Allegheny County spokesperson, told Check Your Fact via email that the Facebook post’s claim was “not even close to being accurate” and identified both women pictured as county employees. She also noted that the “only people working in our warehouse were folks employed by the county.”

Location tags on Parent’s tweets on Nov. 7 and all throughout the week after the Nov. 3 election show she was in Georgia. For example, one Nov. 7 tweet shows that she was tweeting from Atlanta, Georgia, and a Nov. 3 tweet shows she was tweeting from Druid Hills, Georgia. While Jordan’s tweets are not tagged with a location, nearly every tweet she sent between Nov. 3 and Nov. 7 was about Georgia’s elections.

In emails to Check Your Fact, Parent and Jordan denied being shown in the top image and processing Pennsylvania ballots. (RELATED: Explaining The Viral Video Claiming To Show Election Fraud In Fulton County, Georgia)

“This is an entirely false rumor,” Parent said. “I was not in Pennsylvania at any point during election season and I have never counted ballots during a state or national election in my life.”

“The woman pictured processing votes in Pennsylvania is not me,” Jordan said. “I was in the state of Georgia on election day. I was running for reelection and was on the ballot in Georgia.”

Georgia law states that “no poll officer shall be eligible for any nomination for public office or to be voted for at a primary or election at which the poll officer shall serve.” It also states that “no person who is otherwise holding public office, other than a political party office, shall be eligible to be appointed as or to serve as a poll officer.”

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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