FACT CHECK: Does This Photo Show Crowds Of Trump Voters In DC On Jan. 5?

Trevor Schakohl | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows supporters of President Donald Trump gathered on Jan. 5 in Washington, D.C.

Verdict: False

The photo was actually taken at a 2015 anti-terrorism demonstration in Paris.

Fact Check:

Thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington in the days leading up to Jan. 6, the day Congress convened to count the Electoral College vote and certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, CNN reported. Some supporters gathered in crowds on Jan. 5 to protest the election results ahead of the larger rallies on Wednesday.

This particular Jan. 5 Facebook post claims to show an image of “the sea of Trump voters in DC as of 2 hrs. ago.” The Facebook user further remarks, “If you think Biden won this election, you are officially wrong.” (RELATED: Did DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Order These Types Of Businesses To Close To ‘Discourage Trump Supporters From Gathering’?)

Through a reverse image search, however, Check Your Fact found the image was not taken at a pro-Trump rally in D.C. The image actually shows a crowd of demonstrators in Paris’ Place de la Republique on Dec. 11, 2015, participating in a march against terrorism, according to its Getty Images caption. Similar footage of the march can also be seen in a video posted on YouTube by ABC News.

The march took place after a Jan. 7, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 11 people at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and four hostages at a supermarket, BBC News reported.

On Wednesday, Trump supporters breached the Capitol building while members of Congress were convened to count the Electoral College votes, according to the Washington Post. Congress certified Biden as the official winner of the presidential election early Jan. 7, the outlet reported.

Trevor Schakohl

Fact Check Reporter
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