FACT CHECK: Did Amy Schumer Say This Quote About Abortion?

Trevor Schakohl | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims to show comedian Amy Schumer covered in blood and includes a purported quote from her telling people who can’t get an abortion to get rid of the baby once it is born.

Verdict: False

Schumer’s head has been superimposed over another person’s. There is no record of Schumer making the statement.

Fact Check:

Schumer and other celebrities in 2019 signed a letter in opposition to Georgia House Bill 481, a “heartbeat” bill banning the majority of abortions six weeks after conception and later, according to the The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The bill passed but was deemed unconstitutional and struck down in 2020 before it could go into effect, ABC News reported.

The image in the Facebook post appears to show Schumer covered in blood and tearing a baby doll apart. The post also attributes a quote to her: “Fetuses aren’t people and have no right, if you can’t get an abortion just get rid of it when is born.”

But the image is not a genuine photo of Schumer, nor is there any record of Schumer making the comment attributed to her in the post. (RELATED: Did Tim Tebow Kneel During The National Anthem To Protest Against Abortion?)

Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the original photo on Canadian photographer Melissa Trotter’s website clearly showing a different person. Schumer’s face appears to have been superimposed onto the model’s body.

A search of Schumer’s verified social media pages, as well as her website, turned up no similar remarks. A wider internet search by Check Your Fact didn’t turn up any major media outlets quoting her as making the comment.

Schumer’s publicist, Amanda Silverman, confirmed to the Associated Press in 2018 that “the whole thing is completely manufactured.”

Trevor Schakohl

Fact Check Reporter
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