FACT CHECK: Did The UN Announce It Will Become A ‘World Religion’?

Brad Sylvester | Fact Check Editor

A post shared on Facebook claims the United Nations (U.N.) declared it will become a “world religion to impose humanitarian laws.”

Verdict: False

There is no record of the UN making such a statement. The U.N. is supportive of religious freedom, according to its website.

Fact Check:

The lengthy post makes several claims about the U.N., saying in part: “The UN says that the Christian Church is the enemy of human rights. The UN says that it will become a world religion to impose humanitarian laws, not spiritual, so that the world is not subject to Christian doctrine so that they cannot impose their spiritual laws.”

The post goes on to claim the U.N. stated it will be the “true religion” that will allow everyone to be “happy in the way they want to live life under a New World Order, under the humanistic religion,” and will be able to “implement Abortion and neutralize the global growth of humanity through HOMOSEXUALISM AND LESBIANISM.”

There is, however, no record of the U.N. making any statements resembling those alleged in the post. Check Your Fact searched the U.N.’s website but found nothing to indicate the organization is interested in becoming a “world religion” or that it has declared the “Christian Church” an enemy of human rights.

The “Religion” section of the U.N. News website likewise does not include any report of the U.N. declaring Christianity the enemy of human rights. Had the U.N. declared that it was becoming a world religion, global media outlets certainly would have reported on it, but there are no news reports corroborating such a claim.

Freedom of religion is a founding principle of the U.N.’s doctrine, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, further adding to the claim’s dubiousness. (RELATED: Do Only 12 Percent Of UN Member States Allow Gay Marriage?)

The Facebook post further mentions the U.N. will work to destroy Christianity through ID 2020, a group that is working to implement digital identification globally and has partnered with the U.N. in the past. There is no indication on the group’s website or elsewhere online that ID 2020 is involved in ushering in a “world religion” or persecuting Christians.

The claim in the Facebook post appears to have been circulating since at least March 2020. The post may be in response to a February 2020 report published by the U.N. on gender-based violence and “discrimination in the name of religion or belief.” The report, which was authored by the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, raised concerns about certain religious beliefs being invoked by governments as the basis for the discrimination of women and members of the LGBTQ community.

The Vatican responded to the U.N. report, calling it an “attack to religious freedom,” according to Catholic News Service.

The U.N. did not respond to a request for comment.

Brad Sylvester

Fact Check Editor
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