FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump Say He Plays ‘Very Little Golf’ Because He’s ‘Too Busy Running The World’?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A post shared on Facebook over 500 times claims former President Donald Trump said he plays “very little golf” because he’s “too busy running the world.”

Verdict: False

There is no record of Trump making the statement attributed to him. The comment was first tweeted by a parody Twitter account.

Fact Check:

Trump was often criticized for his time spent on the golf course while president, Business Insider reported. It’s estimated the former president played more than 250 rounds of golf during his term, according to the outlet.

Now, an April 11 Facebook post claims Trump said, “Don’t take it personal. When you were fooled, they also were fooled. The truth is, I play very little golf. I’m a little too busy running the world. Stick with me deplorables, you’re going to like the ending. I guarantee it.”

There is no record, however, of Trump making the comment attributed to him in the Facebook post. A search of the Trump Twitter Archive’s records of Trump’s published tweets, as well as an archive of his deleted tweets recorded by ProPublica, turned up no instances of him making the statement. Twitter announced on Jan. 8 that Trump was permanently suspended from the platform “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

The statement in the Facebook post likewise doesn’t appear in Factb.ase’s archive of Trump’s public statements or on the Trump White House’s archived website either. Check Your Fact didn’t find any major media outlets quoting the former president as making the remark. (RELATED: Did The US Have Zero Mass Shootings While Donald Trump Was President?)

The quote appears to have been first shared in an April 11 tweet sent by the account “@John_barron_19.” The account clearly discloses its satirical nature, stating in the bio section: “NOT DONALD TRUMP.THEN AGAIN THE PROBABILITY IS HUGE!!I am calling it (Parody)For Twitter To Not Suspend me again.” Despite the parody disclaimer, some social media users have shared the quote, seemingly believing the attribution to be genuine.

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