FACT CHECK: Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Scrub ‘All Things Matt Gaetz’ From Her Twitter Account?

Coleman Watts | Contributor

A post shared on Facebook claims Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has removed any mention of Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz from her Twitter feed in response to sexual assault and trafficking allegations made against him.

Verdict: False

Greene has not erased all mention of Gaetz from her Twitter feed. Tweets mentioning Gaetz are still visible on her Twitter timeline.

Fact Check: 

The Department of Justice is currently investigating Gaetz for possible sex trafficking, after he allegedly paid for travel for an underaged girl with whom he had a sexual relationship, The New York Times reported. Gaetz denied the claims made against him, according to the Tampa Bay Times, and Greene has been one of the few lawmakers to express support for Gaetz.

Now, an April 5 Facebook post, featuring a photo of Greene and Gaetz, purports Greene has decided to no longer support Gaetz and “scrubbed her Twitter feed of ALL things Matt Gaetz.” The post further states: “No more GaetzLove in Greeneville. It’s a shame THIS pic was salvaged. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was trying to distance herself from someone she knows is guilty.”

Check Your Fact, however, searched through Greene’s verified Twitter accounts — @mtgreenee and @RepMTG — and found several tweets mentioning Gaetz on her personal account. In a recent April 13 tweet, Greene defended her support of Gaetz, stating he has done “nothing wrong.” (RELATED: No, This Is Not Matt Gaetz’s Actual Senior Photo From High School)

“I have proudly defended @mattgaetz from the beginning because I know he’s done nothing wrong and I recognized this playbook right from the start,” Greene tweeted. “I’ve been a victim of it as well. I’m not controlled and refuse to be. Neither is Matt. Neither is President Trump.”


Coleman Watts