FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show a Clinic Staging Injuries for Gaza Citizens During The Israel-Hamas Conflict?

Charlese Freeman | Contributor

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows a Palestinian clinic applying fake injuries with makeup to “make Israel look bad.”

Verdict: False

The video, which was taken in February 2017, shows people participating in a medical training for a French charity.

Fact Check:

Violent clashes between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian militant organization, began on May 10 and ended with a ceasefire on May 21, Reuters reported. At least 248 Palestinians were killed by Israeli airstrikes and at least 13 Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets, according to the outlet.

A video shared on Facebook appears to show fake blood and injuries being applied to children and adults using makeup. “Please share so the world will know !! Pallywood is REAL,” reads the post’s caption.

Text in the video reads, “The forgery of Gaza residents,” and goes on to claim Gaza residents have had fake injuries applied to them in order to gain sympathy and “make Israel look bad.” (RELATED: Does This Video Show Palestinian Militants Staging A Funeral)

The video does not, however, show a Palestinian clinic applying fake injuries with makeup “in order to make the world feel sorry for them” during this month’s Israel-Hamas conflict. Through a reverse image search of key frames, Check Your Fact found the footage posted on YouTube by the Gaza Post on Feb. 25 2017, with the title, “Cinematic tricks are an art that transmits Gaza in a different way to the world.”

On March 2, 2017, Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) also uploaded a video on YouTube with some of the same clips from the Gaza Post video. The video focused on artist Mariam Salah’s special effects makeup work for a project to “raise awareness of the dangers faced by Gaza residents” with French charity Doctors of the World.

A sign in the TRT video shows an ambulance and the english word “simulation.” Spokesperson for Doctors of the World Margaux Lesage told Reuters the fake injuries were created and used to help train doctors to triage patients in an emergency.

This is not the first time social media users baselessly claimed Palestinians were faking injuries during the Israel-Hamas conflict. Check Your Fact recently debunked the false claim that a video showed Palestinian militants staging a funeral.

Charlese Freeman



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