FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show A Real Giant Skeleton Found In Thailand?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An image shared on Twitter purportedly shows a giant skeleton found in Thailand in 2017.

Verdict: False

The image actually shows an art installation created by a Taiwanese artist.

Fact Check:

The tweet has garnered over 100 likes as of press time. It features a photo of a woman standing above what appears to be an archeological site in which a giant humanoid skeleton lies with a huge serpentine skeleton wrapped around it.

“The skeleton of this giant was discovered in November 2017 in a cave in Krabi, Thailand,” reads the tweet. “This was just made public a few months ago. The skeleton appeared to have been battling a large horned serpent upon death.”

Contrary to the tweet’s claim, the picture doesn’t show the actual remains of a giant that died battling a massive snake. Taiwan Today published a similar photo in a November 2018 article, explaining it shows Taiwanese artist Tu Wei-cheng’s “Giant Ruins” art installation for the Thailand Biennale exhibition in Krabi.

The skeleton was made of plastic, and the installation received special permission to be set up in the cave, according to Taiwan Today. Another photo of Tu’s skeleton installation can be found on the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture’s website. (RELATED: Did A New York Artist Sell ‘Invisible Art’?)

Many of Tu’s works resemble ancient artifacts, as seen in photos on the website of the Taiwanese Tina Keng Gallery.

Trevor Schakohl

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