FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show A Recent Anti-Government Protest In Cuba?

Alexis Enderle | Contributor

A video shared on Facebook allegedly shows a large nighttime anti-government protest in Cuba on July 17.

Verdict: False

The video shows soccer fans celebrating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after the country’s team won the Copa América final against Brazil.

Fact Check:

Widespread anti-government protests erupted across Cuba starting July 11, according to The Wall Street Journal. Cubans are protesting the Communist-run government, food and medicine shortages and electricity outages, among other things, the Associated Press reported.

Misinformation related to the Cuban anti-government protests has circulated widely on social media in recent days. The inaccurate claim that the video, which has garnered over 1,400 views so far, shows a nighttime protest in the country “right now” is one such example. It actually shows Argentinians in Buenos Aires celebrating the national soccer team’s victory over Brazil in the Copa América final on July 10.

The well-known Obelisco de Buenos Aires can be seen in the video lit up with blue lights. Similar footage shared by The Guardian’s soccer-focused Youtube channel, Guardian Football, shows a large crowd of Argentina soccer fans celebrating the July 10 win in the Plaza de la Republica, where the monument is located.

The description of Guardian Football’s video containing the similar footage reads in part, “Thousands took to the streets in Buenos Aires on Saturday night after Argentina beat its historic rival Brazil in the Copa América final.” (RELATED: Does This Photo Show An Anti-Communist Protest In Cuba?)

Reuters also published footage depicting Argentina soccer fans on July 10 celebrating the win in Buenos Aires. Amongst the large crowd, the blue-lit obelisk can be seen, according to the Reuters video.

Check Your Fact previously debunked an image of thousands of people gathered in a street that some social media users claimed showed an anti-government protest in Cuba. That photo actually captured part of a 2011 demonstration in Egypt.

Alexis Enderle



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