FACT CHECK: Did Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Tell Him To ‘Leave Now’ After Addressing The Nation About Afghanistan?

Mecca Fowler | Contributor

An image shared on Facebook claims the teleprompter displayed the words “leave now” at the end of President Joe Biden’s Aug. 16 speech on Afghanistan.

Verdict: False

The words “leave now” have been photoshopped onto the screen of the teleprompter.

Fact Check:

Biden addressed the nation from the White House on Monday regarding the U.S.’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country. He used a teleprompter during his speech and did not take questions from the reporters gathered in the room afterwards, according to video of the event.

An image supposedly showing a “leave now” cue displayed on the teleprompter Biden used during the address has since been circulating on Facebook. It was also shared on Twitter, where one user commented, “Biden was literally told on the teleprompter to leave immediately after his speech… ‘LEAVE NOW.'”

However, the phrase “leave now” has been edited into the image of the teleprompter. The Washington Post live-streamed the event and briefly captured video of reporters near the teleprompter attempting to ask the president questions. In the footage, the cue to “leave now” does not appear on the screen.

At that moment, the teleprompter actually showed the final few words of Biden’s speech – “… our diplomats, and all of those brave Americans serving in harm’s way” – and three “#” signs, according to the Washington Post’s video. (RELATED: Did CNN Describe The Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan As ‘Violent But Mostly Peaceful’ In A Chyron?)

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday, Biden said he would keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan past the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline in order to evacuate all Americans. The Defense Department said the U.S. has evacuated over 7,000 people from Kabul since Saturday, USA Today reported on Thursday.

Mecca Fowler



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