FACT CHECK: No, This Photo Does Not Show Kamala Harris With Jeffrey Epstein

Ryan King | Contributor

An image shared on Facebook over 520 times purportedly shows Vice President Kamala Harris standing next to late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Verdict: False

Epstein’s face was superimposed into the image. The original photo shows Harris with her husband.

Fact Check:

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was found dead in his jail cell from an apparent suicide in August 2019 while awaiting trial for federal sex trafficking charges, ABC News reported. Following his arrest, flight logs from his private jet were unsealed, connecting Epstein to dozens of politicians and celebrities, according to USA Today.

The viral Aug. 29 Facebook image shows what appears to be Epstein posing with his arm around Harris. Text above the picture reads: “Make this photo famous.” (RELATED: Do New Autopsy Reports Suggest Jeffrey Epstein Likely Died From COVID-19?)

The picture, however, is not genuine. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the original image of Harris with husband Douglas Emhoff published by Getty Images. The backgrounds of both the Getty Images photo and the one shared in the Facebook post appear to be the same. The suit and tie worn by Emhoff can also be seen in the Facebook image, and Harris’ dress is the same.

The original image depicts Harris and Emhoff at The Broad Museum Black Tie Inaugural Dinner on Sept. 17, 2015, according to the Getty Images caption. Epstein’s face appears to have been superimposed over Emhoff’s. The photo of Epstein’s face seemingly matches a mugshot of him from 2006.

A small watermark in the bottom-left corner of the Facebook image reads, “evilmilk.com,” a meme-sharing website that describes itself as “Your home for weird, messed up, & funny pictures since 2006.”

Ryan King