FACT CHECK: Will All Walmarts In Canada Require Customers To Show Proof Of COVID-19 Vaccination To Enter Starting In November?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims customers will be required to provide ID and proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter all Walmart stores in Canada starting Nov. 1.



Verdict: False

While proof of vaccination is required for certain venues in parts of Canada, Walmart Canada has not announced a policy requiring ID and proof of vaccination for entry to all of its stores. The notice in the post appears to be fabricated.

Fact Check:

During the pandemic, Walmart Canada has taken steps to help mitigate COVID-19’s spread, such as implementing face mask policies, regularly cleaning frequently-touched surfaces and facilitating social distancing at its stores, according to the company’s website. Now, Facebook posts containing a supposed notice from Walmart Canada claim it will be implementing a new pandemic-related policy come November.

“Effective November 1st, 2021 shoppers will need to provide proof of vaccination and goverment (sic) issued ID in order to enter any Walmart in Canada,” reads the alleged notice. “We will still be happy to offer curbside pick up to those unvaccinated.”

However, none of the press releases put out by Walmart Canada or its parent company mention requiring proof of vaccination and ID to enter stores beginning in November. Walmart Canada has not announced a nationwide policy to that effect on its social media accounts either. The purported notice appears to be fabricated, as it contains a spelling and grammatical error.

Canadian media outlets such as The Globe and Mail, National Post and CBC also haven’t reported that Walmart Canada implemented or announced the requirement that customers must provide proof of vaccination. (RELATED: Does This Video Show French Farmers Protesting Vaccine Policies?)

“This information is not true,” Felicia Fefer, a corporate affairs manager at Walmart Canada, told Check Your Fact in an email. “Customers do not have to show proof of vaccination to shop at our stores. We continue to work with governments across the country and are following required restrictions.”

Some of Canada’s provinces have introduced proof of vaccination rules. In Ontario, proof of vaccination will be required for settings such as restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, casinos and convention centers starting Sept. 22, but “will not apply to settings where people receive medical care, food from grocery stores, medical supplies and the like,” according to a press release.

British Columbia’s government states on its website that people must provide proof of at least one dose and, by Oct. 24, full vaccination to access certain events and businesses, though grocery and retail stores appear to be exempt. Manitoba and Quebec also have their own proof of vaccination policies.

Trevor Schakohl

Legal Reporter
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