FACT CHECK: No, Victoria Police Did Not Strike Melbourne Protestors With A ‘Brown Note Acoustic Weapon’

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An image shared on Instagram claims police from Australia’s Victoria state used a “Brown Note Acoustic Weapon” on demonstrators.


Verdict: False

There is no evidence any “brown note” weapon was used in Australia. No such weapon appears to exist.

Fact Check:

The Instagram post shows a screen grab of a Facebook post that states the Victoria Police have deployed a “Brown Note Acoustic Weapon,” allegedly becoming the first in Australia to do so. “Why isn’t the MSN reporting this,” the post remarks. “#freedom #Melbourneprotest.”

The “brown note” is a theoretical sound frequency that causes people to lose bowel control and defecate when they hear it, according to Military.com. (RELATED: No, This Photo Does Not Show An Anti-Lockdown Protest On Bondi Beach)

While Victoria Police were, according to News.com.au, dispatched to control protests against COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia, from Sept. 20 to 22, there is no evidence they wielded a “Brown Note Acoustic Weapon.” There is no mention of officers using such a weapon in any of the Victoria Police’s news releases or social media posts.

Sky News reported Victoria police used rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray on some demonstrators in Melbourne, but the report made no mention of any acoustic weapon.

No “brown note” weapon appears to exist. Check Your Fact could not locate a single credible press report online of police or military forces anywhere in the world using a sound-based weapon that causes people to lose control of their bowels. Scientific research has not turned up any proof of a sound frequency that causes those who are exposed to it to defecate, BBC Science Focus Magazine reported in August.

Trevor Schakohl

Legal Reporter
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