FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Alysia Montano Winning The 800 Meter Race While 5 Months Pregnant?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows Olympic runner Alysia Montano winning the 800-meter race at the U.S. nationals while five months pregnant.

Verdict: Misleading

While the image does show Montano running a race when she was pregnant, she did not win the race. She was eight months pregnant when she ran the pictured race.

Fact Check: 

Montano is a six-time USA Outdoor Track and Field 800 meters champion who has competed in the Olympics, according to her biography on the USA Track & Field website. Facebook users have been sharing an image of her running in which she appears to be pregnant. “Us athlete, Alysia Montana is five months pregnant, won the 800 metres at the US nationals,” reads text included in the image.

While Montano has raced while pregnant on at least two occasions, the post’s text misstates key facts about the event pictured. A reverse image search reveals the image featured in the post can be found on AP Images.

“Alysia Montano, left, who is 34 weeks pregnant, competes in the quarterfinals of the 800 meter sin the U.S. outdoor track and field championships in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, June 26, 2014,” reads the image’s caption. “Montano, a four-time national champion in the 800, came in last in her heat with a time a 2 minutes, 32.3 seconds.”

An Associated Press story about the race corroborates that she finished last in that race and, likewise, notes that Montano was “thirty-four weeks pregnant, or nearly eight months,” not five months pregnant. (RELATES: Does This Video Show Pakistan Beating Israel In Karate At The Tokyo Olympics?)

Facebook users might have confused the photo for when Montano competed while five months pregnant during the 2017 USA Outdoor Track and Field championships. She finished with a time of 2 minutes and 21.40 seconds, over 19 seconds after the winning time in that race, according to USA Today.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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