FACT CHECK: Was A Woman Kicked Out Of A Hockey Game For Wearing A ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Shirt?

Mecca Fowler | Contributor

A video shared on Facebook claims a woman was kicked out of a Wichita, Kansas, hockey game for wearing a shirt with the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” on it.

Verdict: False

The woman was removed from the game “after multiple warnings” for allegedly using “profane language and gestures” toward venue staff and others, according to a statement from the Wichita Thunder hockey team.

Fact Check:

In the video being shared online, a dark-haired woman sitting in a hockey rink speaks to two men who appear to be wearing uniforms. The two men then escort the woman, who wears a “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt, up the stairs as some people in the crowd can be heard chanting the expression.

“Woman getting kicked for wearing ‘let’s go Brandon’ shirt,” reads text overlaying the footage at the beginning. Text accompanying the video also alleges, “Woman kicked out at the Hockey game for wearing #LetsGoBrandon shirt.” (RELATED: Did The Anti-Defamation League Designate ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ As A ‘Hate Slogan’?)

The Tiktok user @anniedanii28 on Nov. 6 shared a slightly longer version of the video of the incident, which occurred during the Wichita Thunder hockey game at InTrust Bank Arena on Nov. 5. But, contrary to the viral claim, the woman’s “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt was not the reason for her removal, the Wichita Thunder hockey team explained in a Nov. 8 statement.

“Video is circulating of a spectator being escorted out by security during our home game at InTrust Bank Arena on November 5,” the Wichita Thunder said in the statement, which was posted on Twitter. “This video is accompanied by a statement that she was removed due to her shirt. This is incorrect.”

The woman was “removed by arena security after multiple warnings, because she was using extremely profane language and gestures toward our staff and those around her,” according to the team’s statement. The statement notes that the “rest of her party, also wearing the same sweatshirts, were not removed and remained at the game until its conclusion.” Check Your Fact didn’t find any local media reports about a large group of people wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” clothing being removed from that game.

In another video, the TikTok user @anniedanii28 acknowledged she was “not completely sure” whether the woman was removed due to her shirt. She also said that members of security approached the woman “multiple times” and that there was a group of people at the game wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” clothing.

Mecca Fowler