FACT CHECK: Does Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Winter Action Plan Include ‘Quarantine Centers’?

Elias Atienza | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows the White House website saying President Joe Biden’s winter plan to fight COVID-19 includes putting Americans into “quarantine centers.”



Verdict: False

The image appears to be fabricated. Biden’s plan to combat COVID-19 this winter does not include “quarantine centers.”

Fact Check:

Biden gave a speech Tuesday about the White House’s response to the omicron variant of the coronavirus, according to The New York Times. He also released his “COVID-19 Winter Action Plan” in early December.

Ahead of Tuesday’s speech, a purported screen grab of an internal version of the White House website started circulating on Facebook and Twitter. In the alleged screen grab, it includes a tab at the bottom-left that looks to say “Learn about Restrictions on Cross-State Travel,” “Read About the New Booster Requirements,” “See America’s New Quarantine Centers” and “Read President Biden’s Updated Winter Action Plan.”

While it’s not clear where exactly the image originated, there is no evidence it shows a genuine screen grab of the White House website. The tab on the White House website homepage currently states “Read about the Build Back Better Framework,” “Read About the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” “Read the Vaccination Requirements Report” and “Read President Biden’s COVID-19 Winter Action Plan.”

Archived versions of the White House website on the Wayback Machine from Dec. 19 and Dec. 20 also do not depict the home page showing what appears in the screen grab being shared online. The name listed in the upper-left corner of the screen grab, Tim Woods, matches that of a fictional character in the action television series “24.”

Check Your Fact could only find the fake White House website screen grab posted on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, 4chan and GreatAwakening.win.

A review of video of Biden’s Dec. 21 speech, where he outlined the administration’s plans to combat COVID-19 through the winter, turned up no instances of him expressing plans to establish quarantine centers or restrict cross-state travel. Instead, he described increasing the availability of at-home testing, opening more testing and vaccination sites and providing support to hospitals around the country, according to the White House transcript.

National media outlets such as The New York Times, Fox News, CNN and The Wall Street Journal also haven’t reported on Biden announcing plans to open quarantine centers. (RELATED: Does This Image Show Joe Biden With Jeffrey Epstein?)

The “COVID-19 Winter Action Plan” available on the White House website does not mention quarantine centers at any point. It does, however, include plans to expand at-home COVID-19 testing, to encourage more adults to get booster shots and to review school COVID-19 prevention policies to avoid closures of entire classrooms or schools, among other measures.

Check Your Fact reached out to the White House for comment and will update this piece if a response is provided. Andrew Bates, the White House deputy press secretary, told The Bulwark Monday that the screen grab is “a complete lie.”

Elias Atienza

Fact Check Reporter
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