FACT CHECK: Is ALDI Giving Away Bags Of ‘Christmas Essentials’ And Vouchers To People Who Share And Comment On A Facebook Post?

Mecca Fowler | Contributor

A post shared on Facebook over 670 times claims the supermarket chain ALDI is giving away free groceries to people who share and comment for Christmas.

Verdict: False

The offer in the Facebook post is a scam. ALDI has said that the promotion is not authentic and that the Facebook page is not affiliated with the company.

Fact Check:

The Facebook post shares a picture of Jason Hart, the CEO of ALDI USA, along with text that claims everyone who shares and comments will “receive a bag full of Christmas essentials such as crackers, turkey, potatoes and much more worth $40.” The post also alleges ALDI is putting “a $500 voucher in 1,000 random bags.”

The holiday offer and link included in the post, however, are actually a scam. The company has not announced the giveaway for the Christmas holiday in any press releases on its website. Likewise, no offers to that effect appear on ALDI’s verified social media accounts(RELATED: Is Little Caesars Offering Free Pizza To Anyone Who Shares And Comments On A Facebook Post?)

ALDI USA’s official Facebook page has a blue verification badge and a different handle than the Facebook page making the fake holiday offer. A representative for ALDI confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact that the social media post in question is not authentic or associated with ALDI.

On Dec. 22, the company also appeared to address the fake giveaway on its verified Facebook page, saying in part, “Looks like another Facebook scam is making its way around. We can confirm it is a scam and the page has no affiliation with ALDI. We’re sorry for any confusion this may have caused!”

This is not the first time ALDI  has been targeted by an online scam. A Facebook post making a similar fake offer about ALDI giving away bags of groceries and vouchers for the holiday season circulated last year, according to Today.

Mecca Fowler



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