FACT CHECK: No, This Image Of Marilyn Manson With Wrinkles And Glasses Is Not Authentic

Hannah Hudnall | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook over 440 times purportedly shows singer Marilyn Manson with wrinkles, glasses and permed hair.

Verdict: False

The image has been digitally altered. In the original, Manson does not have wrinkles, glasses or permed hair.

Fact Check:

The viral Facebook image appears to show a headshot of Manson in which he has wrinkles, glasses and permed hair. “Marilyn Manson looks like he’s about to ask if I’ve been eating well and offer me a casserole,” reads text included in the picture.

The photo, however, has been digitally altered. Using a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the original photo on the stock image website, Alamy. In that photo, Manson appears without wrinkles, glasses or permed hair. “Marilyn Manson at arrivals for The 13th Annual Art of Elysium HEAVEN Gala, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA January 4, 2020,” reads the photo’s caption. Other photos of Manson’s appearance at the 2020 gala can be found on Getty Images, all of which show him without wrinkles, glasses or permed hair.

The photoshopped image appears to originate with a Sept. 26 post on the meme website Imgflip and the captioned version was shared in a meme group on Reddit on Oct. 1. While the digitally edited photo was originally shared in meme groups across the internet, the Facebook post does not mention the satirical source of the image. (RELATED: Viral Image Claims To Show Canada’s Health Minister Looking Sickly)

Marilyn Manson was born on Jan. 5, 1969, making him 52 years old, according to Manson’s IMDb page. He is currently under investigation for sexual assault and domestic violence, allegations he denies, the Associated Press reported.

Hannah Hudnall

Fact Check Reporter