FACT CHECK: Did Guinness World Records Declare Model Nyakim Gatwech As Having The Darkest Complexion On Earth?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims Guinness World Records deemed South Sudanese-born model Nyakim Gatwech as the person with the world’s darkest complexion.

Verdict: False

Guinness World Record denied the claim through its Twitter. The organization does not keep a record for the darkest human complexion.

Fact Check:

Gatwech, who is actually 29, has received widespread attention from media outlets, including the HuffPost, Cosmopolitan and The Times of India, for her dark skin and self-help personality. Fans of Gatwech have coined the nickname “the Queen of the Dark,” Teen Vogue reported.

A Facebook post from Jan. 23 shows an image of Gatwech on a beach posing for the camera. The post states that Gatwech “has finally entered the Guinness Book of Records for having the darkest complexion on the globe,” while stating that it was a “new chapter in the Guinness book of records.” (RELATED: Does This Image Show The World’s Smallest Bird Species?)

Guinness World Records has not recognized Gatwech in such a category. The model is not mentioned on the Guinness World Records website, nor do any of Guinness World Records’ social media posts list Gatwech as holding any record.

The world record-keeping organization did respond to the rumor via Twitter when it circulated previously in May 2020. “This is not true as skin tone is not something we monitor,” Guinness stated. The claim has circulated since at least April 2020.

Gatwech has also not made any statements in regards to Guinness World Records or such a record on Instagram. Check Your Fact found no evidence or any credible reports of Guinness World Record declaring that she or anyone else had the darkest complexion on earth.

Check Your Fact previously corrected a false claim in November 2021 that Guinness recognized a South Sudanese man named Joshua Ladu as the tallest person on earth.

Trevor Schakohl

Legal Reporter
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