FACT CHECK: Did A Protester Interrupt A Live Ukrainian News Segment?

Hannah Hudnall | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Twitter allegedly shows a woman walking onto the set of a Ukrainian news program while holding a sign calling for Ukraine to reach an agreement with Russia.

Verdict: False

The video has been digitally edited. The original footage does not show any protesters interrupting the broadcast.

Fact Check:

Russian and Ukrainian officials have attempted to negotiate a ceasefire over the last six weeks with little success, according to Vox. Permanent Ukrainian neutrality is likely to be the foundation of any future peace deals, the outlet reports.

A video shared on Twitter appears to show a live Ukrainian news broadcast being interrupted by a female protester holding a sign. “It asks Zelensky to accept the peace agreement, to stop taking drugs, and to go back on a TV set,” the tweet reads in part.

The video is digitally edited. A reverse image search revealed it was originally shared to TikTok March 15 by a user named Olga Stiffler, who regularly posted videos using a green screen. The account has since been deleted.

“Ukraine 24,” reads a translation of the TikTok’s Ukrainian-language caption. Stiffler later re-uploaded the video on Telegram with a disclaimer, writing in Ukrainian, “This is a montage shot on a green background!!!! I didn’t think it looked so real.”

The original broadcast was uploaded to Ukraine 24’s YouTube channel on March 14 and does not feature any interruptions. The channel confirmed the video was fake in a post on Facebook. “THE MOST FAKE from the Russian occupiers” reads a translation of part of the post. (RELATED: Does This Video Show Germans Protesting The Country’s COVID-19 Restrictions?)

The Ukrainian Centre for Strategic Communications stated on Telegram “A new fake is spreading on the Internet that an unknown person with a poster with a provocative inscription allegedly appeared live on the state-run Russian-language foreign TV channel UA during the FreeDOM marathon.”

Hannah Hudnall

Fact Check Reporter