FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Ukrainian Forces Destroying Eight Russian Tanks?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A video shared on Facebook allegedly shows Ukrainian forces destroying eight Russian tanks. 

Verdict: False

The footage is from a military-style video game. It is not genuine footage of the war in Ukraine.

Fact Check: 

Ukrainian officials claim their military has destroyed over 1,100 Russian tanks and 2,800 armored vehicles since the start of the Russian invasion in February, according to Pravda. Russia recently launched an operation in Ukraine’s Donbas region, while Ukraine is attempting to liberate areas around the city of Kharkiv, NBC News reported.

The nearly 11-minute-long Facebook video allegedly shows Ukrainian forces destroying eight Russian tanks with anti-tank missiles. The first two minutes show soldiers firing rockets at vehicles in the distance while the last eight and half minutes show what appears to be aerial footage of drone strikes on armored vehicles.

“Yesterday, Ukrainian forces destroyed eight Russian tanks in the JFO area,” reads the video’s caption. (RELATED: No, This Is Not Footage Of A Ukrainian Missile Blowing Up A Russian Naval Vessel)

The video does not show real events. A reverse image search revealed the footage comes from ARMA 3, a military-style video game published by Bohemia Interactive. The video first appeared May 10 on YouTube where it was shared by user SonStudio with a title that includes the text “Milsim ARMA 3.” The Facebook video includes no such disclaimer.

The second clip featured in the Facebook video is taken from a separate May 10 video posted on YouTube by SonStudio titled, “Using two drones to destroy Russian targets – UAV Drone | Milsim ARMA 3 D07.” As the title indicates, the footage is likewise from Arma 3.

This is not the first time clips from the video game have been shared online with misleading captions that claim they show genuine footage from the war in Ukraine. Check Your Fact recently debunked a viral video that claimed to show Ukrainian drone strikes on Russian warships.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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