FACT CHECK: Did CNN Publish This Article About Kellogg’s Making One Of Its Mascots A Trans Woman?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows an article published by CNN with a headline that reads, “Kellogg’s spokesperson announces Rice Krispie mascot ‘Pop’ is now a trans woman.”


Verdict: False

The screenshot is digitally fabricated. There is no record of CNN publishing such a story.

Fact Check: 

The image appears to show a screenshot of a May 20 CNN article reporting that Kellogg’s has announced that one of its mascots for Rice Krispies cereal is now a transgender woman. “Kellogg’s spokesperson announces Rice Krispie mascot ‘Pop’ is now a trans woman,” reads the alleged article’s headline. 

“Huh,” reads the image’s caption. (RELATED: Does This Image Show A Real CNN Headline Related To GameStop’s Stock Price Increase?)

There is no record of CNN publishing such a story. It does not appear anywhere on the outlet’s website, nor could it be found on CNN’s verified Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. A CNN spokesperson told Reuters the news outlet had not published the story. 

There are likewise no credible news reports to support the claim that Kellogg’s has altered its mascots. There is no mention of any change to Pop on the brand’s website.

“We have made no changes to the Rice Krispies mascots, Snap Crackle and Pop,” said a Kellogg’s spokesperson in an email to Check Your Fact.

This is not the first time social media users have spread misinformation through fabricated CNN articles. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that CNN published an article about the war in Ukraine that featured a picture of a burning compound from the 1993 Waco siege.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter


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