FACT CHECK: Has Brian Stelter Been Arrested?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims former CNN host Brian Stelter was arrested by the U.S. military on allegations of sex crimes against children.

Verdict: False

The claim stems from a satirical website. A spokesperson for CNN denied the claim.

Fact Check:

Stelter and CNN are parting ways following the cancellation of “Reliable Sources” earlier in August, according to Politico. Stelter said that he was “grateful” for his tenure and a “rare privilege” to to lead a weekly show, CNN reported.

The Facebook post claims U.S. forces arrested Stelter “on charges of child molestation and possession of child pornography” on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The post further claims that Stelter was being investigated for an alleged sexual interaction in a middle school in Rockwood Park, New York.

This claim is baseless. There are no credible news reports suggesting that Stelter had been arrested or was a person of interest in the alleged crime. No such announcement has appeared on CNN’s website, the New York Police Department’s website or Stelter’s social media accounts.  

“The Navy JAG Corps is not investigating Mr. Stelter,” Patricia Babb, a spokesperson for the U.S. Navy, told Check Your Fact via email.

The post stems from an Aug. 29 article on the Real Raw News website. The site’s “about us” page identifies itself as containing “humor, parody, and satire.” (RELATED: Did CNN Report The Russians Gave Brittney Griner A DNA Test To Determine Her Gender?)

Check Your Fact recently debunked a viral post that also stemmed from Real Raw News. The post claimed, former President Donald Trump called his ex-wife Ivana’s death “highly suspicious.”

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter


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