FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show A Destroyed Ukrainian Tank?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows a burning Ukrainian tank following a counteroffensive in Kherson, Ukraine.

Verdict: False

The image is from the Russian-Georgian War of 2008. The vehicle in the photo is of a Georgian BMP, not a Ukrainian tank.

Fact Check:

Russia formally blamed Ukraine for what appeared to be an orchestrated attack on the Kerch strait Bridge connecting Russia and the disputed territory of Crimea, according to The New York Times. Russia launched a barrage of missiles on Monday following the attack, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Facebook image shows a burning vehicle, claiming the vehicle was a destroyed Ukrainian tank. “The destroyed tank column of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Kherson,” the post’s caption reads. “The good news comes from the military from the scene, a breakthrough of tanks on Kherson has turned into a complete fiasco for Ukraine, a whole field of tanks is on fire, the use of the FAB-500 has been recorded.”

The image predates the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia. A reverse image search found the photo appears in a 2008 blog post about the Russian-Georgian conflict in South Ossetia. The image reappeared on a 2022 Russian blog that documented vehicle losses in the Russian-Georgia conflict, adding the tank was located in the Georgian city of Tskhinvali.

The image is also listed as a Georgian BMP by Oryx, an open source analyst website that tracks military losses in various conflicts. Oryx also debunked the claim on Twitter. (RELATED: Does This Image Show Russian Conscripts With Mosin-Nagant Rifles?)

“Nice try though,” Oryx tweeted.

Misinformation around the conflict has circulated on social media since February. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim showing Russian Patriarch Kirill advising citizens “not to fear death” amid mobilization.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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