FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Lauren Boebert Putting Her Hand On A Man’s Groin?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Facebook allegedly shows an image of Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert placing her hand below the belt of a man holding a bundle of cash. 

Verdict: False

This image is digitally altered. A spokesperson for Boebert confirmed to Check Your Fact that the photo is not genuine.

Fact Check: 

Boebert is facing a close election in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch, according to Axios. A poll conducted by Democratic firm Keating Research suggested unaffiliated voters had strongly disliked the lawmaker’s rhetoric, the outlet reported.

A Facebook image allegedly shows Boebert placing her hand on a man’s groin as he holds a large amount of cash. “To my pals in Colorado, here is your representative. #VoteOUTtheTRASH,” the post’s caption reads. The image was also posted to Twitter where it garnered over 900 retweets. “Family values,” its caption reads.

This post is digitally altered. Boebert tweeted the unedited image on Oct. 7. The original photo shows Boebert with her hand on the horse’s mane while the man alongside her holds a rope, not a large sum of cash.

The edited image seems to stem from a Facebook post published by a user named Tom Adelsbach. The post’s caption identifies the image as a parody.

A spokesperson for Boebert told Check Your Fact that the image was altered. (RELATED: Viral Image Of Lauren Boebert And Ted Cruz Is Altered)

This is not the first time an image depicting Boebert was edited and spread on social media as true. Check Your Fact previously debunked a photo in June 2022 showing Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Boebert in a similar pose.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter