FACT CHECK: Did Elon Musk Fire Twitter Employees Over Their Pronouns?

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Instagram purports new Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk allegedly fired employees who revealed their pronouns.


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Verdict: False

The claim stems from a website that publishes fictitious news for entertainment purposes. There is no evidence Twitter dismissed employees on such grounds.

Fact Check:

Musk began laying off Twitter employees Nov. 2 following his closure of a $44 billion deal to buy the company, CNN reported. Musk allegedly eliminated half of the company’s staff due to financial issues, according to the New York Post.

The Instagram post, liked over 6,000 times, claims Musk allegedly fired Twitter employees over their pronouns. “Elon Musk Asks Twitter Employees their Pronouns and Fires those who Answered,” the post reads.

The claim is false. There are no credible news reports suggesting Musk asked Twitter employees their pronouns and then fired them. Likewise, neither Musk nor Twitter has publicly commented on the claim via their verified social media accounts. Twitter also has not mentioned the purported claim on its company news blog.

A keyword search reveals the claim stems from an April 24 article published by the website “The Fauxy.” The article includes a disclaimer indicating its contents are “purely for entertainment purposes,” and therefore, readers should not mistake it as true. The website also describes itself as “India’s Finest, Fastest & Fictitious News Source” on Twitter. (RELATED: Did Donald Trump Release This Statement About Elon Musk’s Purchase Of Twitter?)

Check Your Fact has contacted Twitter for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

This is not the first time a false claim about Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has circulated online. Check Your Fact previously debunked a post claiming Musk said he would restore all banned Twitter accounts except former President Donald Trump’s.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter


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