FACT CHECK: Did Brian Kemp Certify His Own Election When He Was Georgia’s Secretary Of State?

Elias Atienza | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp certified his 2018 victory over his Democratic challenger, Stacey Abrams, while serving as Georgia Secretary of State.

Verdict: Misleading

While Kemp did administer the 2018 elections, he did not certify it as Secretary of State. He resigned shortly after declaring victory over Abrams.

Fact Check:

Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, who is the state’s Secretary of State defeated Republican challenger Kari Lake, according to The New York Times. Lake wanted Hobbs to excuse herself from her election duties, a request that would be outside the “norms,” the Arizona Republic reported.

The Facebook post claims that there is hypocrisy in Republicans “freaking the f*ck about Katie Hobbs” certifying her own election because Kemp certified his own election. The claim went viral on Twitter, with one iteration receiving over 6,000 retweets.

This claim is misleading. It is true that, like Hobbs, Kemp oversaw Georgia’s 2018 elections, despite criticisms and claims of voter suppression from Democrats, according to BuzzFeed. However, Kemp resigned Nov. 8 after declaring victory over Abrams, according to The New York Times.

“I hereby tender my resignation as Georgia’s Secretary of State effective 11:59 a.m. on November 8, 2018 to focus on the transition to my gubernatorial administration. Serving as Secretary of State has been an honor. I look forward to serving as Georgia’s 83rd Governor and building on the success of your tenure as the leader of our state,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

Robyn Crittenden, the director of the state’s Department of Human Services, was appointed as interim Secretary of State by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (RELATED: Did A County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona Discover Evidence Of Election Fraud)

Lake has made misleading and false claims of election fraud, according to Reuters. She has thus far refused to concede the 2022 election despite her projected defeat, The New York Times reported.

Elias Atienza

Fact Check Reporter
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