FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Children In A Disney TV Series Promoting Satanism?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Facebook allegedly shows a screenshot from a Disney TV series of children promoting Satanism.

Verdict: Misleading 

The screenshot has been taken out of context and is not promoting Satanism. The scene jokingly shows the children misspelling “We love you Santa.”

Fact Check: 

A Virginia elementary school is facing major backlash from parents after the “After School Satan Club” planned a meeting there, according to Fox News. The club assured parents that the meeting was to encourage independent thinking and did not seek to convert children to the ideology, the outlet reported.

The Facebook post claims Disney TV series “The Santa Clauses” promotes Satanism. The image shows a scene from the series of children holding placards that spell out “We love you Satan.”

“Disney continues to push the Satanic agenda in their latest series ‘The Santa Clauses,'” the caption reads. “Aleister Cowley once said ‘Subliminal is the key to winning a silent war.’ For many victims of SRA, holidays like Christmas are some of the worst times of the year. They know, they always know. Protect your children.” (RELATED: Did A Recent Protest At Disney World Prevent Visitors From Entering The Park?)

The screenshot is taken out of context. While the photo does come from the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses, the scene was meant as a joke and not a subliminal message. The scene, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows Tim Allen as Santa Claus informing the children that their spelling is incorrect. The children scream in fear after realizing their mistake and then form the correct phrase, “We love you Santa.”

This is not the first time Santa has been used to spread misinformation online. Check Your Fact previously debunked a claim from December 2021 alleging CNN reported the famous Coca-Cola ad, featuring Santa, would not feature an “afro-american man.”

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter