FACT CHECK: Did North Carolina Residents Say A County-Imposed Curfew Was ‘Martial Law’?

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook purports Moore County, North Carolina residents referred to a county-imposed curfew following power outages as “martial law.”

Verdict: False

The claim stems from a satirical website. There is no evidence suggesting residents have called the incident a ploy for martial law.

Fact Check:

Over 33,000 North Carolina residents lost power after a shooter opened fire at two substations Saturday in what authorities believe is a “targeted attack,” USA Today reported. A curfew was put in place Sunday, and a state of emergency was declared in response to the incident as power may not return for some until Thursday, according to the outlet.

The Facebook post purports Moore County, North Carolina residents referred to a county-imposed curfew following power outages as “martial law.” The post further claims the police both interrogated and cited residents who broke curfew.

The claim is false. There are no credible news reports suggesting Moore County, North Carolina residents referred to county-imposed curfews as “Martial Law.” Likewise, the claim does not appear on the Moore County Sheriff’s Office’s social media pages. North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper also has not publicly commented on the claim.

No such announcement appears on Moore County’s website, which does not describe the curfew as “martial law.” (RELATED: Did The New York Times Publish This Cover Following The Club Q Shooting?)

A keyword search reveals the claim stems from a Dec. 5 article published on the website “Real Raw News.” A disclaimer included on the site’s “About Us” page indicates it contains “humor, parody, and satire.”

Both the FBI and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation are looking into the attack, though they have not named any persons of interest as of Thursday morning, CNN indicated. Power was restored to most, if not all customers by Wednesday, prompting the removal of the curfew in the county, according to ABC11.

Check Your Fact has contacted the Sheriff’s and governor’s offices for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter


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