FACT CHECK: Did Global News Publish A Story Saying Fascist Graffiti Is On The Rise?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook allegedly shows a Global News headline claiming fascist graffiti is on the rise, concerning experts about the “far-right.”

Verdict: False

This image is digitally fabricated. There is no evidence the outlet published an article with this headline.

Fact Check:

Loudoun County residents in Virginia held a protest and removed “hateful and racist” graffiti on a shopping center parking lot, according to NBC4 Washington. The county would not remove the graffiti since it was deemed to be on private property, the outlet reported.

The Facebook post purports Global News published an article on the rise of fascist graffiti. The alleged article is attributed to Rachel Gilmore on Dec. 4 with an image of a building with “FREEDOM” spray painted on it.

“Rise in fascist graffiti has experts concerned about the steel resolve of the far-right,” the headline reads.  (RELATED: Did CNN Report The Russians Gave Brittney Griner A DNA Test To Determine Her Gender?)

This image is digitally fabricated. There are no credible news reports  that this is a legitimate Global News headline. The story does not appear on Global News websites or on any of their verified social media accounts. Likewise, the article does not appear on an archive of the Global News website or on Gilmore’s page.

Check Your Fact contacted Rachel Gilmore, the alleged author of this article, for comment. We will update this piece if a response is provided.

This is not the first time a fabricated article has been shared on social media. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim Navy JAG Corps charged Nancy Pelosi with treason and seditious conspiracy.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter