FACT CHECK: Did The Guardian Report On Leaked Audio Of Elon Musk?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purports The Guardian claimed audio of Twitter CEO Elon Musk ranting about a “subversive elite plot” leaked online.

Verdict: False

The article appears to be digitally fabricated. There is no evidence that The Guardian posted any such story or that Musk made this comment.

Fact Check:

A poll posted by Musk on Twitter suggested a majority of users on the platform recommended he step down as CEO, according to CNN. Musk recently sold 22 million shares of Tesla Motors stock worth an estimated $3.6 Billion, CNBC reported.

The post purports that audio of Musk has surfaced featuring a bizarre rant, claiming a plot to spread transgender ideals was ongoing and his son was “stolen.”  The alleged tweet does not clarify how or when this audio was leaked.

“Leaked audio of Elon Musk ranting about a ‘subversive elite plot’ to ‘spread transgender ideology’ has caused outrage online,” the post reads. “In the rant, the tycoon, and world’s richest man, said that ‘Marxist scum’ stole his son, and that Musk would ‘use [his] wealth to destroy their agenda.’”

This claim is baseless. There is no credible new report that suggests this Guardian story is authentic. This post appears on none of the Guardians verified social media accounts. No such news report appears on their website or on the archived version of the website from Dec.12, when the supposed story appeared.

Musk’s daughter, Vivian Jenna Wilson, is transgender and opted to drop “Musk” while changing to her chosen name at 18, NBC reported. Musk has voiced his support for transgender peoples, but also voiced a dislike of the amount of different pronouns. The tape and quotes cited in the article do not appear on Musk’s account.

“The screenshot shared has never been a published Guardian tweet or story,” a spokesperson from The Guardian told Check Your Fact in an email. (RELATED: Did CNN Report The Russians Gave Brittney Griner A DNA Test To Determine Her Gender?)

This is not the first time a post has been promoted as true on social media. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that the Military criticized Donald Trump over his comments about the Constitution.

Update: This article has been updated to add a comment form The Guardian.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter


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