FACT CHECK: Did A Democratic California Representative Claim That Pedophilia Is ‘An Identity’?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook claims Democratic California Rep. Katie Porter said that pedophilia “isn’t a crime,” but an “identity” instead. 

Verdict: False

Fact Check: 

LGBTQ rights groups and activists have recently spoken out regarding the use of the term “groomer” to describe sections of the movement, according to The New York Times. This follows a shouting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Nov. 22, the outlet reported.

The Facebook post purports Porter said pedophilia is not a crime. The video features Porter phoning in through video and a “C-SPAN3” chyron.

“Rep Katie Porter (D) says pedophilia isn’t a crime- it’s an identity,” the post’s caption reads. “This is not a political party, it’s a mentally ill club! These people are making me sick!!”

The claim was also posted to Twitter, where it garnered over 7,400 retweets. (RELATED: Did The U.S. Navy JAG Corps Create A Child Sex Crimes Division?)

This video is taken out of context. A clip from C-SPAN shows Porter was referring to online allegations that people who identify as LGBTQ+ are groomers. “The groomer narrative is an age-old lie to position LGBTQ+ people as a threat,” she says earlier in the video. 

“This allegation of groomer and pedophile, it is alleging a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts based on their ideology,” Porter continued. At no point does the lawmaker defend or suggest that pedophilia is an identity itself.

“Rep. Porter did not say that pedophilia is an identity,” a spokesperson for Porter told Check Your Fact in an email. 

Porter has been very outspoken about her support of the LGBTQ+ community.

This is not the first time misinformation about child endangerment has been shared online. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim a child trafficking camp owned by the Clinton Foundation was discovered in Arizona.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter