FACT CHECK: Video Claims Ukraine Pushed Russia Out Of Its Territories

Elias Atienza | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook claims the Ukrainians were able to drive the Russian military out of the country.

Verdict: False

The Ukrainians and the Russians are still fighting with each other. Ukraine has liberated more than half of the territory it lost since the start of the war Feb. 24.

Fact Check:

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy spoke in front of a joint meeting of Congress, expressing his gratitude for the support received from the U.S., according to CNN. Congress recently approved nearly $50 billion in new aid for Ukraine, The New York Times reported.

The Facebook video, viewed more than 9,000 times, claims Ukraine pushed out Russia from its territory. The Facebook video’s title reads, “It’s All Over: Ukrainian Army Carried Out the Last Operation That Finished Off the Invading Russians.”

This claim, however, is false. Ukraine has not pushed the Russians out of its territory. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported in its Dec. 31 assessment shows that the Russian military is continuing offensive operations against Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut and Avdiivka-Donetsk, but highlighted losses on the front lines.

“Russian forces continued offensive operations around Bakhmut and Avdiivka-Donetsk City on December 31,” the ISW wrote. (RELATED: Does This Video Show Volodymyr Zelenskyy Dancing With A Rocket Launcher?)

Ukraine liberated 63% of territory taken by Russia during its Feb. 24 invasion by Dec. 15, according to Newsweek. Ukraine claimed Russia is preparing for a new offensive with 200,000 troops in upcoming months, The New York Times reported.

Misinformation around the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not new. Check Your Fact previously debunked a video claiming to show Ukrainian troops ambushing Russian troops.

Elias Atienza

Fact Check Reporter
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