FACT CHECK: Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweet About China Developing Submarines?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Facebook purports Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green claimed that under the Biden administration, China developed “under-water-machines.” 

Verdict: False

The tweet is satirical. A spokesperson for Greene denied its authenticity in an email to Check Your Fact.

Fact Check: 

Greene recently claimed former President Donald Trump was purposely kept in the dark about past Chinese spy balloons and has called for a probe into the situation, according to the Independent. She also claims she “chewed out” officials for waiting to shoot down the recent spy balloon during a classified briefing, The Hill reported.

The Facebook photo allegedly shows a tweet from Greene about China developing submarines under the Biden administration. The alleged tweet seems to have been posted on Feb. 5 and received almost 90k views.

“Under Joe Biden, China has developed under-water-machines that can go so far under water that they can’t even be seen with binoculars,” the alleged tweet reads. “These machines could be used to shoot ‘underwater missiles’ at our ships, which are worse than hitting an iceberg. Joe Biden has surrendered America.”

The tweet is fabricated, however. There are no credible news reports confirming its existence and it does not appear in a search of Greene’s verified Twitter account. Likewise, it does not appear on PolitiTweet, a site that tracks the deleted tweets of politicians. 

A spokesperson for Greene confirmed the tweet is fake in an email to Check Your Fact. They responded to the claim simply with, “Fake. 100%.” (RELATED: Did Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Humiliate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Her Face In Congress’?)

The screenshot was originally posted to Twitter by @FaithRubPol, whose bio reads “Most of our screenshots are parodies.” The bottom of the screenshot also reads, “Parody by Back Rub.”

This is not the first time misinformation about a politician has spread online. Check Your Fact previously debunked a claim Biden said “capitalism is exploitation” during the State of the Union Address.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter