FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show The Recent Cyclone In New Zealand?

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Twitter purports to show damage being caused during the landfall of Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand.

Verdict: False

The claim is false. The video shows Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico in September 2022.

Fact Check:

New Zealand declared a state of emergency Tuesday as Cyclone Gabrielle caused extensive damage across the country, Reuters reported. At least 10,500 people have been displaced due to the event and four people have been confirmed dead as of Feb. 15, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The Twitter video shows winds causing extensive roof damage to a building as a tree sways in the wind. “Now, the roofs are coming off the houses! Evacuation in New Zealand! Cyclone Gabrielle!” the Twitter video, viewed over 12,000 times, purports.

The claim is false. The video shows Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico in September 2022, according to Twitter. The video is shared as a joint post from storm chasers Brett Adair and Brandon Clement.

“Just west of Ponce, #PuertoRico in #Hurricane #Fiona@NWSSanJuan @LiveStormsMedia @NHC_Atlantic,” the video’s caption reads. The same view of the storm’s strong winds and resulting debris can be seen at the beginning of the 37-second clip.

A still shot from the video was also included in a Sept. 19 AccuWeather news article about the hurricane. (RELATED: Does This Video Show A Building Falling In The Aftermath Of The Turkey Earthquakes?)

The video has not been included in any credible news reports about Cyclone Gabrielle. Likewise, the video does not appear on Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s website or its verified social media accounts.

Misinformation surrounding recent natural disasters have circulated widely on social media. Check Your Fact recently debunked a video claiming to show weird anomalies in the skies over Turkey before a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the region.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter