FACT CHECK: Is Congressman Adam Schiff Getting Impeached?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on social media purports California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff will be impeached.

Verdict: False

The caption is inaccurate. There is no evidence that Schiff is being impeached.

Fact Check:

As Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jordan has subpoenaed an FBI human resources official, Jennifer Leigh Moore, after whistleblower reports about abuse at the bureau, The Hill reported. The subpoena comes after Moore was interviewed before the committee and refused to answer questions regarding the alleged retaliation, according to the outlet.

The Facebook post claims that Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan led the effort to impeach Schiff. The thumbnail of the video included in the post features a photo of Jordan pointing a finger and a photo of Schiff. “IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!” the caption reads. “ADAM SCHIFF WILL BE IMPEACHEÐ – Brave Jim Jordan SHUTS DOWN Schiff.”

There is no credible news report that suggests Schiff is getting impeached. The video shared clips of unrelated speeches from Jordan. The first clip stems from a House floor speech that Jordan gave in Oct of 2021, in which he outlined the issues that he sees facing the Biden Administration. He criticized several different policies of the White House and the Democratic party.

The second clip is from a different unrelated talk that Jordan gave, in which he criticized censorship efforts of the media. At no point in this video did Jordan call for Schiff impeachment. (RELATED: Did Hillary Clinton Endorse Ron DeSantis For President?)

After California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House, Schiff was removed from his role on the House Intelligence Committee by McCarthy, the New York Times reported. However, this practice in Congress is not related to any impeachment process.

This is not the first time a video has been shared online with a false or misleading caption. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim former President Donald Trump called criticized Ron DeSantis for running for President.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter