FACT CHECK: There Were Not Only 133 Million Registered Voters In 2020

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on social media purports there were only 133 million registered voters during the 2020 Presidential election even though there were 155 million votes.

Verdict: False

The caption is inaccurate. The number of registered voters were higher than the post estimates.

Fact Check:

Former President Donald Trump is set to take part in a CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night as part of his bid for the Republican nomination just a day after he was found liable for battery and defamation in the case brought by E. Jean Carroll., ABC News reported. Recent polling showed that Trump is in the lead with a 6 point lead over President Joe Biden in a general election matchup, The Hill reported.

The Twitter post claims that there were 133 million registered voters in 2020, making the amount of votes Biden received impossible. The post shares an image of Trump.

“In (2020) there were (133M) registered voters,” the post reads. “(74M) voted for Trump which leaves only (59M) votes left.. so tell me how is it Biden got (81M) votes… I’ll wait.”

There is no credible news report that suggests that there were just 133 million voters. According to Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2020 from the Federal Census Bureau in 2022 there were 168.3 million citizens of voting age who registered to vote in the 2020 election.

In the 2020 election there were 158,429,631 ballots cast. The Federal Election Commission reported that 81,283,501 votes went to Biden and Trump received 74,223,975 votes. (RELATED: Is Kenya Getting Rid Of The U.S. Dollar?)

This is not the first time a satire has been shared online with a misleading caption. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that Ron DeSantis blocked Disney World entrance with the National Guard.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter